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Saturday August 18, 2012 20:26

Modeling & Acting: Honing Your Craft

In any career, hobby or sport, it’s important for you to hone your craft, if you want to be most successful at it.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The same thing goes for both Modeling & Acting.

Some people think that models & actors/actresses are born, not made. This is partly true. Just because you were born to do something, doesn’t mean you know how to do it properly, and everyone needs practice.

Behind the Scenes - Kimberly Edwards, Canadian model & Canadian actress - KapowModels.comIf you are in the Los Angeles area and want to pursue your acting career seriously, you may want to check out a Los Angeles Acting School at which, you may enroll in some classes not only to see if you’re really interested in this type of career, but to hone your acting style and expand your skills in such a way that make you essential on sets everywhere.

Photo left: Model/Actress: Kimberly Edwards; Photo: Bob Hatcher; MUA/Hair: Beauty in Motion; Styling: Kimberly Edwards; Jewelry: “K, Turn Around” Jewelry by Kimberly Edwrds; Agency: Kapow Models & Talent Agency

Know what you’re doing, what to expect and how to do your job with excellence!


Hope you enjoyed these Modeling & Acting Tips on Kapow Models. Until next time…

Summertime is rolling around, and we are all going to be looking for fun activities or things that better us for throughout the year.

Have you always wanted to be a part of the Fashion Industry? Want to learn more about modeling, make-up artistry, hair artistry, photography, magazine publishing, fashion design, television development or styling?

Well, if you’re in Miami or heading to Miami, check out Miami Fashion Camp as a great option.

Photo right: Kapow Models’ Bianka Bargmann & Kimberly Edwards (also styling/coaching)

The fashion & entertainment industries are highly competitive, and it’s very important to keep you edge, and hone your craft to the fullest to really excel in what you’re trying to do.

In addition, not only will you improve your skills with these practical, hands-on, exciting workshops, but they are a way to get your creative side out and express yourself in a fun way.

Whether you are new to the modeling world or you are an established, professional model, they have classes for every level and different areas of interest in these industries to choose from.

And what could be better than hanging out and having fun in Miami while you’re at it?!!

In these industries, preparation and knowledge is power, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get while you’re learning the tips & tricks, ins and outs of the areas.

Learning how to be in front or behind the camera, styling a model from head-to-toe, creating beautiful make up or hair designs on models and entertainers, designing clothing & jewelry, or producing the media that exposes models and brands to the world, you’re going have an exciting opportunity to be involved with hands on workshops to give you that “one up” you’ll need to be successful in these industries.

Plus, you’ll get to meet like-minded individuals and network with them. Undoubtedly, many of them will become a part of your professional life and career in the fashion or entertainment genres.

If you’re “into” getting into this industry, then be sure to check out fashion news for great tips and style!


I hope you enjoy this Modeling Tip on Kapow Models. Until next time…

Amanda Forde in Dream Couture at Dreams Wedding Show Toronto

Amanda Forde in Dream Couture at Dreams Wedding Show Toronto

On January, 29th, 2012, two of the Kapow Models hit the runway at the Dreams Wedding Show in Toronto, Ontario.

Amanda Forde & Kimberly Edwards were Kapows that walked the runway at this stellar event.

Featured designers in the Multicultural Bridal Fashion Show were Dream Couture, Karizma by Nyla, and Sai Vachan Creations by Kapish Akshat.  Absolutely gorgeous designs that were an honor for the Kapows to wear.

Sai Vachan Creations showed the most beautiful South Asian jewelry that would make your mouth drop, and your eyes grow large with enthusiasm to wear the pieces…dripping with luxury.

Kimberly Edwards in Dream Couture at Toronto International Fashion Festival 2011

Kimberly Edwards in Dream Couture with Christian Ty at Toronto International Fashion Festival 2011

Dream Couture always stuns on the runway, and has actually used both Amanda & Kimberly before on the runway at the Toronto International Fashion Festival (IFF) in Toronto in 2011.

Karizma by Nyla graced the runway at the Dreams Wedding Show and provided gorgeous gowns that “wowed” the crowd.

Overall, the colors were vibrant, the designs were luxurious in nature, and the fashion shows impressed the crowd.

If you`re looking to plan your South Asian wedding or are looking to spice up your wedding in some way, checking out a few of these types of shows will open your mind to creativity & beauty.

Be sure to check out this video of Read the rest of this entry »

Hard Rock Cafe - Kapow Models - Samantha Kaszab, Amanda F., Kimberly Edwards, Ellise C. - KapowModels.comIf you were out this past weekend in Niagara Falls, Ontario, you may have had the opportunity to spot some of Kapow Models’ finest.

Seeing as LivingPink.info is the charity we concentrate on @ Kapow, some of our models attended the 2011 “Living Pink Through Fashion” Video Launch in Niagara Falls at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Afterward, the Kapows wanted to hang out some more and enjoy the excitement of the night, and walked the tourist area in the Falls up to the Centre Street Bar District where Blush Ultra Lounge was gracious and generous enough to host the video launch afterparty!

Photo Right: Kapows (2nd in from left-right) – Samantha Kaszab, Amanda F., Kimberly Edwards, Ellise C.

Photo Left: Kapows – Ellise C., Kimberly Edwards, Amanda F.

Kapow Models @ Blush Ultra Lounge Niagara Falls Nightclub - Ellise C., Kimberly Edwards, Amanda F. - KapowModels.comThe Living Pink group of models, entertainers and crew migrated to this new Niagara Falls nightclub hot spot and danced their cares away on the dance floor, enjoyed a few cocktails and reminisced upon the memories they had created with this year’s “Living Pink Through Fashion” Show in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

A well deserved night of fun and great company were in order and what a great after party it was.

Be sure and support this club if ever you’re in the area. Not only is it a gorgeous, chic, boutique nightclub in Niagara Falls, but they are also interesting in helping out the community by supporting this Breast Cancer Charity Group.


I hope you enjoy this Kapow Project at Kapow Models. Until next time…


Team Kapow - Kate Hoekstra, Kimberly Edwards, Samantha Kaszab, Jillian Holancin, Amanda F.Toronto, Ontario, Canada (KAPOW) – That’s right, people. If you happened to have been at Ultra Nightclub in Toronto this past Friday night, you would have spotted a few angels from Kapow Models!

Up on the rooftop of Ultra Supper Club is their amazing patio overlooking Toronto, and it’s hot on Friday nights with a mashup of house, hip hop, R&B & rock music.

Enjoying the atmosphere was a few of our stunning ladies out for Kimberly’s birthday.

They danced the night away, and got a chance for Read the rest of this entry »

Amanda F., Kate Hoekstra, Marco-Antonio Della Pia, Kimberly Edwards of KapowModels.comYorkville (Toronto), Ontario, Canada (KAPOW) – Some of the gorgeous ladies of Kapow Models were spotted @ Dea Fashion’s corset launch, the Dea Peep Show, at Privé Nightclub in Toronto on July 3rd.

The models were spotted dressed to the nines, some of which were adorned with “K, Turn Around” Jewelry, Kimberly Edwards’  jewelry line from Kapow Models.

These ladies happily enjoyed the night’s festivities with designer of Dea Fashion, Marco-Antonio Della Pia, as they danced, chatted and most of all, admired Marco’s gorgeous, new designs.

* As many of you may know, Read the rest of this entry »

Amanda, Kimberly, Kayleigh, Samantha from KapowModels.comHamilton, Ontario, Canada (KAPOW) – Many lovely ladies from Kapow Models had the fabulous opportunity of filming with not only Patrick Harb, but with JFM Productions for a hip-hop music video, “Ride Tonight,” for Canadian talent, Giancarlo on July 7th.

Filming is still ensuing with some of the models in different scenes, and we are extremely excited to see the finished product.

Who was in the video from Kapow?

We all had a fabulous time on set and really enjoyed working with the crew and rest of the cast. Such genuine people, as well as being extremely professional and efficient!

So much fun! Check out the behind the scenes footage here: Read the rest of this entry »

Unigirl Logo

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Kapow Model & a Unigirl Canada model? Let’s find out…

Kapow Modeling & Talent Agency has teamed up with Unigirl Canada to offer 5 modeling contracts!

Contract Details:
The contest winners will receive a one-year non-exclusive contract with Kapow Models and Talent Agency (KapowModels.com), as well as a feature in their upcoming Kapow Mag.

Here’s How To Apply:

Please copy and paste the following and send the following information to: contests@unigirlcanada.com

  • Name:
  • School:
  • City:
  • State/Province:
  • Hometown:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Related Work Experience:
  • Why You Should Be A Unigirl Canada/Kapow model?:

Along with the following information please attach some swimsuit photos of yourself.

* We request that you follow the guidlines provided below (applicants who do not, will be automatically discarded):

  • Full Body Front
  • Full Body Back
  • Mugshot
  • Image of your choice (optional)

For more information about this contest, you may check out the UnigirlCanada.com website & the Contest page!

Be sure to check out the:

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Kapow NEWS) – Looking for a great mid-week, hump-day event? We’ve got the perfect one that will get your heart beating fast, and your blood pumping…

…Check out new Latin Nights @ Brant House on Wednesdays in downtown Toronto.

Enjoy Latin beats, signature drinks, and seductive performances by Kapow Talent’s Hector Hernandez showing you how to famous Latin hits should be performed!

Between sets, you will enjoy Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday March 17, 2011 19:40

Kate Hoekstra Live Interview with Patrick Harb

Kate - Studio DVM PhotographyKapow Models’ Kate Hoekstra, International Model & Actress, will have an exclusive 1 hour LIVE interview with Patrick Harb on April 8th @ 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST.

  • If you like to be With Us in the studio, give us a call at: 905-617-3365
  • If you have Questions that you would like to ask during the interview, you can place your questions in the Discussion Board, and they will answer it accordingly.

Lots of interesting subjects will be opened with Kate: Modeling & Acting, Clothing Designing, Kapow Models & Talent Agency, Serving the Community with Living Pink for Breast Cancer, her Writing & Journalism, and being Featured in Read the rest of this entry »

Whitney Arrindell - Photo: Victor Van Gogh; MUA/Hair/Styling: Whitney Arrindell - KapowModels.comYou will see Kapow Model – Whitney Arrindell – on the runway tonight, Friday Feb. 11th for the Valentines – Love of Vice and Fashion – Calvin Klein Lingerie Show!

The show tonight is hosted by Jessie Sulidis from The Bachelor & Bachelor Pad.

Jessie also happened to walk the runway for the 2010 “Living Pink Through Fashion,” Show for Breast Cancer, the charity founded by Kapow Models founder, Kimberly Edwards.

The fashion show is @ Kultura, 169 King Street E., Toronto, Ontario.

Check out the Facebook Event here: Read the rest of this entry »

Hector Hernandez 2011 - KapowModels.comKapow Model & International Music Sensation, Hector Hernandez, will have an exclusive 1 hour LIVE interview with Patrick Harb on February 11th @ 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST.

It is a pleasure to have the super talented entertainer & model to discuss his latest activities in the community.

Lots of interesting subjects will be opened with Hector: Singing & Performing, Serving the Community with Living Pink for Breast Cancer, his Artwork, and being Featured in “A Saturday In Hamilton” Movie.

A friendly interview will take place, where we go deep into Hector’s Read the rest of this entry »


“Living Pink Through Fashion” for Breast Cancer


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